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After completing this form, print the page out and send it along with the appropriate funds payable to: Paul Reed, 1337 Chemical Street, Dallas, Texas 75207. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours.  All orders are Payable in US currency only and include taxes, if any.  International orders require an additional US$10.00.  Use back button for previous page, or click here for home. Click Here to Print Form NOWPrint this form now

Kontum Diary (collectors item, book is out of print)
     The book, 1st Edition, hardback, author autographed
Kontum Diary: The Journey Home (PBS documentary,
     VHS: approx 60 min, color & b&w) {$19.95 + $2.95 S&H}

Vietnam: Our Story, One on One      Softback, 325 pages
     {$16.95 + $2.95 S&H}
Book and Video Combo (Best Buy)
     The book and PBS documentary: Kontum Diary: The Journey Home
      1st Edition, hardback, author autographed
      {$49.95 + $4.95 U.S. SHIPPING & HANDLING}

Please send the book(s), video(s), CD, or book and video combo to:
(use shipping address)

Please make sure my book is
"author autographed"

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You are ordering directly from the author of Kontum Diary and/or the associate producer of Kontum Diary: The Journey Home. Your order helps to keep this message of friendship and forgiveness circulating.