The author, a Vietnam veteran still deeply troubled by his war experiences, turned to the contents of his long-sealed footlocker, where he discovered the personal diary of a fallen North Vietnamese officer. Decades after the war a small handwritten diary opened up Reed to a new, deeper understanding of the men he fought in Kontum Province. His exploration of the diary's contents led to a revelatory appreciation of the humanity of the enemy he'd fought, and, subsequently committed himself to finding the family of the soldier and returning the diary to them. Kontum Diary is Paul Reed's true-story account of how he learned to appreicate his war-time enemy and how the process of re-humanizing him unfolded.

Offered in hardback only -- the book has 200 pages, a 16 page picture section, a full reproduction of the captured diary including its English translation, a Prologue by Capt. Gerald Coffee (former POW), and a moving Foreword by Gen. William C.Westmoreland.

Makes an excellent companion to the Kontum Diary video.

Book cover is actual enlarged photo of captured diary

"Kontum Diary is one
of the most profound writings I have ever read."

Mr. Martin Jurow
Academy Award Winning Producer:
The Pink Panther,
Breakfast at Tiffany's, etc.

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