"I've had more than one member tell me that you were one of the best, if not the best speaker we have ever had at our club!" Rob Renz, CPCU
Dallas, Texas

"We have very few speakers who can catch the audience's attention as you did. Your story and message were well received by all in attendance." John T. Brown, III
Dallas, Texas

"Your story is a heartbreaking and fascinating one, and I hope many people are able to see the film and learn from your life experience." Alonso Duralde
Artistic Director
USA Film Festival

"Your story is a powerful one that continues to move me, calling me to greater humility and surrender. I am certain that you deeply touched the lives of some in your audience..." Nathan Schlueter
Dean of Student Government
University of Dallas

"The opportunity to meet you, hear your story in person, and ask questions was an invaluable lesson for all of us." Janie Bryan Loveless
Senior Lecturer
Southern Methodist University

"Your life is a testimony to others that there can be healing after much hurt, whether the hurt was the result of battles and wars or hurt brought on by others, sometimes knowingly, and at other times, unknowingly." Isaac V. Gusukuma
, Texas Army National Guard

"Your story is more than a message for Vietnam veterans, it is a message of peace and sanity for the whole planet." Richard Jessup
Atlantis Trading Corporation


When an American soldier seeks to return a forgotten diary to its rightful owner across continents, after twenty-five years, two former enemies are inspired to carve out an enduring friendship and a private peace.

This film chronicles the momentous meeting between U.S. Army combat veteran Paul Reed and North Vietnamese Army combat veteran Nguyen Van Nghia, author of the poetic diary, and follows the two men as they undertake an odyssey of forgiveness and reconciliation. The film documents the first known account ever of a North Vietnamese Army officer receiving treatment of war wounds in the United States. Filmed in color, contains black & white footage from Hanoi film archives.

Narrated by Peter Coyote (Execution of Justice, Random Hearts, Patch Adams), the film shows parts of Smith's earlier version (Kontum Diary) but also captures Nguyen van Nghia's trip to the United States for treatment of war era wounds.

Please contact Mr. Paul Reed, at: (775) 591-1733, paulreed@173d.com

A lifelong Texan, Paul Reed volunteered to serve his country three times - for the U.S. Army, for the U.S. Army paratroopers and for combat duty in Vietnam. After his military service he was attending Weatherford College when unresolved issues from his Vietnam combat experience forced him into long-distance trucking as a way for him to find solitude and reason for existence. While traveling the time alone facilitated his ability to examine his unresolved issues from the war - believed, by him for a period of time, to be a curse. Yet, it was during this existential journey in which he came to the understanding that his whole nasty expericence in Vietnam was actually a "gift" rather than a curse. Probably, facilitating Paul the most in grasping this new understanging was his reading the personal diary of his battlefield enemy - captured during a fierce battle in Kontum Province some two decades earlier.

Later, armed with a new comprehension about the enemy, he and Ted Schwarz wrote Kontum Diary (pronounced "Con-toom"), a book based upon his experiences while serving as an infantryman in Vietnam and how he found forgiveness, and reconciled later with the author of the diary. To date, the book - entitled Kontum Diary - has been made into two PBS TV documentaries and one CBS-48 Hours show titled, "The Fight to Forgive." The PBS documentaries were broadcast nationally on many Public Broadcasting Stations, affecting the lives of many viewers and garnering several awards including an Emmy from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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Kontum Diary (TV Documentary) Part I
15 minute run time.

Kontum Diary (TV Documentary) Part II
15 minute run time.

Kontum Diary (TV Documentary) Part III
15 minute run time.

Kontum Diary (TV Documentary) Part IV
15 minute run time.

Mr. Paul Reed showing LT Nguyen Van Nghia
the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall at Fair Park, in Dallas, TX.

What do people say about Mr. Paul Reed?

Mr. Paul Reed, at: (775) 591-1733, paulreed@173d.com


Once we understand the impact our emotional baggage has on every aspect of our lives--we can begin to understand what makes us tick. By learning how to channel our most disappointing experiences and darkest feelings into positive action, we can learn how to find real happiness and true peace from within. Success and failure are but two sides of the same coin, just like the negative and positive terminals on a battery. One without the other is useless until we find the key.

Paul shows us how to find our key, and turn everything and anything that has happened in our lives into a positive experience. He useshis own true story of reconciliation and forgiveness with a former battle-field enemy as the basis for his talks and the message is timeless and inspiring. It's a story of rebellion, anger, hate, pain, frustration and denial. In contrast, it is also a story of forgiveness, tenacity, success, love and ultimate triumph over adversity. This is a story that offers unique insight for us about our own relationships--with ourselves and others. Tales of his journey, which was thirty years in the making, will bring tears to your eyes and in the end fill your heart with joy and inspiration, and your soul with hope. Paul's unique and inspirational message is a perfect message for audiences of every age, type, and category.

His military awards include - among others - the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. However, his most prized tributes are the "Hero of Forgiveness" award from the World Wide Forgiveness Alliance and "The Legion of Honor Award" from The Chapel of Four Chaplin's in recognition of his service to all people regardless of nationality or faith.

It continues to be broadcast on Worldlink Cable TV.

Thanks for the letter from Worldlink Cable TV Mr. Eisert! That is the kind of ethical and responsible leadership that we need in the media today.


Dear Mr. Reed,

Kontum Diary has been playing on WorldLink TV for a couple of months and remains one of our most popular features.

Congratulations on a great film.

Robert Eisert
Manager - Online Services
WorldLink TV
San Rafael, CA 94901

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